100W Classic 2700K LED spotlight Expand

100W Classic 2700K LED spotlight




100W 2700K LED spotlight extra flat to light very effectively. Waterproof for outdoor use and indoor Led projector class IP65.
The LED lights have a handful that allow to fix on a variety of media.
All our products are certified this (LVD and EMC) as well as RoHS.

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100W Classic 2700K LED spotlight

With this LED warm white 100W spotlight equipped with a CHIP (chip) LED EPISTAR SMD5730, which emits a light uniform, but very powerful.
As lumens comprising fully guarantee its quality.
The fact is that it is waterproof IP 65 class gives an excellent ability of adaptability for any uses and weather.
If you plan to use as outdoor lighting, is not worth it to worry about its reliability as a projector of this level very good resistance to wind, rain and all kinds of weather.

The LED 100W floodlight Warm white meets the more stringent requirements of any user looking for a powerful and highly economical lighting.
With our online store, you will receive different models that all have the same relevant properties.

Very popular in the market and appreciated by individuals and professionals, this type of projector LED outside of class IP 65 surpasses its similar. It is distinguished mainly by its quality and its light output which produces more Lumens!

Long service life:
The 100W Classic 2700K LED spotlight also benefits from an optimal lifetime, around 25,000 H at least. It ensures a significant saving, both for energy for the cycles of change.
With this outdoor Led projector, you so won't need to perform regular maintenance that requires time and money. With his important life, you can then enjoy its performance for as long as possible.

LED spotlight and reliable:
Its structure is made of aluminium solid and waterproof, making this projector a product very reliable and resistant.
The Led light is protected by a tenacious glass, giving it protection simply relevant.
You can thus use it as interior Led lighting or Led outside.

For installation, it is possible to place on all media through its handle.

So you can put it in your garden, parking, terrace, etc. 
For professional use, this LED 100W floodlight is also ideal to illuminate the posters, billboards, tall buildings...

The advantages of this projector LED 100W waterproof class IP65:

• Powerful and comfortable lighting
• Energy saving
• Limited maintenance
• Optimum resistance
• Good adaptability, for indoor or outdoor use
• Easy adjustment
• Fakeness of installation
• The LED projectors have a handful that allow to fix on a variety of media.

With our store, you should know that each product is certified this (LVD and EMC) and RoHS. If you place your order, we ensure a quality product that meets perfectly the market standards.

EUROPALAMP-50-165 LED spotlight
Power: 100 Watts
Voltage: AC90-265V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Lumen flow: 8000LM,
Body color: grey color
Temperature: 2700K
Hour of life; 50000 hours
Lighting angle: 120 °

Dimmable: no

EU energy Label: A +

Operating temperature:-40 ° a + 65℃

Projector LED 100 Watts = incandescent 800W

Material: Aluminum + tempered, glass

CRY 75 Ra Epistar 5730SMD LED chip 

IP: IP65 warranty: 2 years

Certificates: CE, RoHS, ISO9001

Dimension: LED spotlight: 3300 * 220 * 60mm


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