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PURE model shower column




Pure shower column

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29,00 €

Pure shower column

PURE shower column is a collection of spraying functional, equipped with a shower head to 5 functions (streams, rain, whirlpool, water mist, 2 mixed) which is an excellent solution to adapt the stream type to the individual needs of the household.
It is also equipped with an anti-limescale system that guarantees an easy and instant way to remove tartar deposits caused by hard water.
In addition to relaxation, swimming also try connoisseurs and connoisseurs of modern design.

-Anti-limescale system
-5 handset functions with a diameter of 100 mm
-water: rain, whirlpool, water mist, 2 mixed
-150 cm long shower hose
-color: chrome
-bar with a height of 740 mm

  5 year warranty

Adjustable height

   Anti-limescale system
    SOAP dish
    Cascade effect

     Rain effect

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