Projecteur LED 10W Modernity Blanc Chaud Expand

10W cool white Modernity LED spotlight




The new range of LED projector has arrived!

The whole latest generation of projector LED Finally available on the market.

Equipped with a chip Epistar SMD 2835 reached Modernity LED projector the 100 lumens per watt This allows to identify more light for the same consumption.

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10W cool white Modernity LED spotlight

The new range of LED projector has arrived!

The whole latest generation of projector LED Finally available on the market.

Equipped with a chip Epistar SMD 2835 the projector LED Modernity reached the 100 lumens per watt This allows more light for the same consumption.

We have developed based on our experience in the field of LED lighting a new power circuit which allows to continue to inform even if an LED is defective, unlike previous generations that die out completely.

Designed in aluminum alloy, the body is stronger and more compact than beforeto overlook the design which is more modern, which will find its place for various applications.
The back of the projector LED Modernity is equipped with fins for a better ventilation and heat dissipation while being waterproof class IP65 allowing him to face without difficulty the rain and other weather making this Spot Led lighting perfect for a indoor and outdoor use.

The fixing handle allows to install the projector LED Modernity on most media without fear the wind, while allowing freedom of movement to adjust the lighting angle.

The advantages of this projector LED 10W waterproof class IP65:
• Powerful and comfortable lighting
• Energy saving
• Optimum resistance
• Good adaptability, for indoor or outdoor use
• Fakeness of installation
• The LED projectors have a handful that allow to fix on a variety of media.

Our products are certified THIS (LVD and EMC) and RoHS. If you place your order, we ensure a quality product that meets perfectly the market standards.

WattsWatts:  10W

ReferenceReference: MOD001

LumenLumen:  1000 LM

Durée de vieLife expectancy:  30.000 h

AngleAngle:    90 °

VoltVolt:  AC90-265V

KelvinKelvin:  6000 k

TailleSize:  126X110X40mm

Classe IPIP class:  65

PoidWeight:  0.52 kg


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